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Camp Pendleton Archaeological GIS

Custom ArcGIS ArcMap Application

CPAG is a custom toolset built for ArcGIS ArcMap. The Archaeologists at Camp Pendleton previously used a custom version of ArcView 3.x to perform their duties. CPAG replicates this customization by providing familiar functions for the Archaeologists. This enables a quick and efficient transition from ArcView 3.x to ArcGIS ArcMap while still providing the full capabilities of ArcMap.

CPAG consists of two toolbars. The main toolbar provides custom tools to perform spatial and attribute based queries of Base resources. Further analysis can then be done by displaying attributes, creating reports, and zooming into the results of these queries. CPAG was developed using Visual Basic.

CPAG Custom ToolbarsArch Within USGS Quad Form

Arch Within UTM Coordinates QueryArch Custom Query Form